Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wiki and PBWiki

I had opened a Wiki account some time ago in a LEARN workshop with Desmond. I remembered immediately I saw his notes in our reading list so I dug out my originals and hey presto I was away, and my site that has been lying around with nothing to do is now going to be revitalised. I'm sure my grandsons will enjoy sharing it with me.

Have just read Mindboggl's comments and would agree with the value of a Wiki for the library for some things but not all. Program resource lists, subject guides, book news and reviews - where a collborative space would be of benefit to all. I would question the use of this for general information that doesn't need to be changed, such as the library contact details, opening hours etc. Staffing time to monitor the site would be a consideration in setting up something like this. I could see in the public arena that "Friends of the Library" or selected volunteers could take on the responsibility for maintaining the site.

Have played in the sandbox and put in my penny's worth. Now on to the next activity.

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