Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday - not off to a flying start!

Monday morning and I thought I would be able to get an good hour or two of online activity in before other work related interruptions started, but the system is sooo sloooowww still that I'll just have to leave it and try again later!!
I am still getting my head around the RSS feed as I haven't had a clear run with it since I started. I have done the required activities but in such an ad hoc way because of the system problems that I would like to play with it more for clarification.
As a learner I can feel the frustration of not being able to achieve what I want with this, and the helplessness of not knowing how to 'fix it'.
ICT 'Help Desk' have just informed me that a job has been logged re this problem and that to try again later today to log into the site(s) I want to access.

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