Friday, October 23, 2009

Twitter & Yammer

Have been using Yammer for some months now and find it to be a valuable source of information. Have had some very useful ideas and links that I have passed onto TAFE staff.
I must admit there are days when I don't link in because I am too busy, involved in other activities and just don't think about it. Also, because it doesn't play a major role in my work practices I have to remember to do it, in amongst my other tasks. Maybe it's just a matter of my headset, and that this will gradually change in time.
Certainly a great source of unusual information at times, and some instant online help/advice when needed. It is a useful communication tool for staff, much quicker than emails. A quick way to get library information/messages out into the wider TAFE community, or to respond with a library perspective to messages put up.

Library Thing

Have added some titles and done some exploring on the site. Great fun and quite interesting. Can see it's value for people really interested in sharing discussions and ideas about books and authors. We supply books for several reading groups and I can see this as an add on to their face to face discussions, not sure how they would cope with the techology though. Could start a library online discussion group, maybe targeting young mothers or teenagers.