Thursday, February 19, 2009

Movi Madness!!

Just had a great session with Marie using See&Share with Movi (until it dropped out). After several attempts to engage Movi with no joy, and then a screen message telling us that the Internet was having problems and would drop was back to the telephone for audio.
We achieved just as effectively with this combination.
Looked at and drew on a document, then went into a Centra room and had a good look at the screen, all the icons, and several items on the Agenda. It was great looking at it this way and discussing it without having to be manipulating it at the same time.
Next was our Moodle sites where we went in and together stepped through changing the time zone setting. It was fun doing it together and less frustrating as we each picked up different 'signposts' as we worked through the process.
I know I work better on something like this when I am communicating with others while doing it.

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