Friday, October 23, 2009

Twitter & Yammer

Have been using Yammer for some months now and find it to be a valuable source of information. Have had some very useful ideas and links that I have passed onto TAFE staff.
I must admit there are days when I don't link in because I am too busy, involved in other activities and just don't think about it. Also, because it doesn't play a major role in my work practices I have to remember to do it, in amongst my other tasks. Maybe it's just a matter of my headset, and that this will gradually change in time.
Certainly a great source of unusual information at times, and some instant online help/advice when needed. It is a useful communication tool for staff, much quicker than emails. A quick way to get library information/messages out into the wider TAFE community, or to respond with a library perspective to messages put up.

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  1. Hi sandra,

    I see that you have had a break and come back to 23 things. Great. You have also demonstrated that you have been thinking about the tools. Like you I'n on Yammer but don't use it often - sems like another task.